Agra Gharana – Parampara Aur Bandishe

Written, Compiled & Bandish Notations by – Pt. Yeshwant Mahale

ISBN 9788193970256

The book is written by the octogenarian musician, musicologist & a renowned composer Pt. Y.M. Mahale. It contains exhaustive details about Agra Gharana, one of the hindustani classical musics gharana, its tradition and analytical study of the Agra Gharana gayaki including a geneological chart of Agra parampara.

The book contains 148 traditional compositions from 94 Ragas composed by the legendary composers of the Agra Gharana; like Us.Faiyyaz Khan, Us.Vilayat Hussein Khan & many other Agra Gharana artists. It also includes various paramparik bandishes composed by Sadarang & few others, which are sung specially in the Agra Gharana, The book has all bandishes in the notation form along with the Audio CD.

Price: Rs500.00


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