KalaShastra Visharad (Part 4)

Writer – Dr. Shilpa Bahulekar

[Marathi Language]

This part-4 consists of additional syllabus theory portion of ‘Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal’ which was included in the 2013 syllabus. {Although this book may not be necessary for 2006 syllabus it holds very useful and informative topics for all music students.}

(Part 1-2-3 are exactly according to 2006 syllabus.)

All the exam topics acco the syllabus like the Raga parichay, Comparison of ragas, Definitions of imp. words, Nibandh, Life history of legendaries, Detailed as well as Short Notes on imp. topics, Layakari and its simplified calculations and its presentation in Paluskar & Bhatkhande notation padhhati etc. The syllabus is also included in these books for the ease of the students. These books are imp. for students as well as for the person interested to know about the basics of the Indian classical music.

The Black & Blue books are in Marathi language and Hindi language respectively.

Price: Rs350.00


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