Mala Umaglela Tabla (with 3.5 Hrs DVD)

Author : Shri. Anant Lele

[Marathi – DVD in Hindi]

This book gives importance on the actual implementation of a tabla player via which he can reach his goal, as a tabla artist. The book includes all the basic bols (for riyaz) as well as the higher bols which are necessary for an artist. Peshkar, Kayada-Rele and palate, various bols, tihaais & Chakradhars of Rupak, Jhaptal, Ektal, Trital, Matta tal and Savari tal are given in the book. Separate topics for Laggi, Prachalit Taal, Aprachalit Taals, Gharanas, Layakari, Diff. Matra chakradhars, Easy mathematical table for conversion of bols from ‘x’‑matra bol to ‘y’‑matra bol, how to play a specific matra bol in an another diff. matra bol, such and many imp. topics, sometiomes confusing to a tabla player, are clarified in this book. And the utmost imp. part is, all these bols given in the entire book are actually played & can be visualised in the DVD by the tabla artists, for guidance. Although the book matter is in marathi language, it includes 90% of bols which can easily read in HINDI, hence it is also useful for hindi readers, too. The video DVD is in Hindi.

Price: Rs350.00


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