Violin – Tantra Aur Mantra

Author : Dr. Sucheta Bidkar

 [Hindi Language]

This book includes all the detailed study regarding the VIOLIN instrument viz. its history, different parts with pictures, the importance of type of wood used in Violin, its Technique & Style, 6 renowned Violinists’ biography & their contribution towards Hindustani classical music.

The 6 violinist figured along with their special technic of playing are Pt.Gajananbuwa Joshi, Pt.Shridhar Parsekar, Pt.V.G. Jog, Pt.D.K. Datar, Pta.Dr.N. Rajam, Pt.M.S. Gopalkrishnan.

Book also includes 126 gat-rachnas composed by Pt.Gajananrao Joshi.

The book was released by leading Violinist Pta.Dr. N.Rajam on 28.5.2011.

Price: Rs250.00


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