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  • Agra Gharana – Parampara Aur Bandishe

    Agra Gharana – Parampara Aur Bandishe


    Written, Compiled & Bandish Notations by – Pt. Yeshwant Mahale ISBN 9788193970256 The book is written by the octogenarian musician, musicologist & a renowned composer Pt. Y.M. Mahale. It ...

  • Ragaang Raag Vivechan

    Ragaang Raag Vivechan


    Writer : Pt. Yeshwant Mahale ISBN 9788193970249 The book has been written by the octogenarian musician, musicologist & a renowned composer Pt. Y.M. Mahale. It has been designed with analytical dis ...

  • Raag Sarita

    Raag Sarita


    Composer : Pt. C. R. Vyas ISBN 9788193970225 This 2nd edition of book ‘Raag Sarita’ comprises 159 bandishes from 74 Ragas, composed by Agra Gharana artist late Pt. C. R. Vyas. The book was ...

  • Gaane Jagane

    Gaane Jagane


    Writer : Pt. Kiran Phatak ISBN 9788193970201 गाय्ान वादन व नृत्य्ा य्ाा संगीत कलेमधील विविध पैलूंवर भा ...

  • Saad Suranchi, Saath Anantachi

    Saad Suranchi, Saath Anantachi


    Writer – Shri. Sadashiv Bakre ISBN 9788193375884 The book reveals many unknown stories, facts and musical events which are told by Pt. Anant Kemkar, an octogenarian, leading musician and harmoni ...

  • Mala Laat Vhaychay

    Mala Laat Vhaychay


    Writer – Abhay Avasak ISBN 9788193375853 The book dictates the story of a young marathi boy ‘Shubham Vanmali’ who has his dream to SWIM in the ocean waters. He has completed almost 7 ...

  • Boond Boond Bhaav Jharat  (with CD)

    Boond Boond Bhaav Jharat (with CD)


    Composer – Smt. Maya Dharmadhikari   The writer-composer is a student of Guru Pta. Maniktai Bhide. The speciality of the book lies in the inclusion of ’12 Raagmalas’ along with ...

  • Niguni Rang  (with CD)

    Niguni Rang (with CD)


    Composer – Dr. Suhasini Koratkar Compiler – Smt. Kishori Janorikar ISBN 9788193375891 The books comprises bandishes composed by Bhendi Bazar Gharana‘s Dr. Suhasini Koratkar under the ...

  • Kirana Gharane – Parampara Aani Pravaah  (with CD)

    Kirana Gharane – Parampara Aani Pravaah (with CD)


    Writer : Dr. Atindra Sarvadikar ISBN 9788193375822 The book is the outcome of the detailed doctorate study of Dr. Atindra Sarvadikar under the guidance of Pandita Prabhatai Atre. The book comprises de ...

  • Swar Sumane  (with CD)

    Swar Sumane (with CD)


    Composer : Pt. Prakash Chitnis   The book 65 Gat-rachna on 39 ragas including bada-khyal & chota-khyaals. These can be played on instruments like Flute, Harmonium, Violin, Sarangi and Shehnaa ...

  • Raagmanthan  (with CD)

    Raagmanthan (with CD)


    Writer – Dr. Vaijayanti Joshi   The book is specially designed for music students for “Sangeet-Acharya” level. It includes comprehensive and analytical study of more than 100 ra ...

  • Bandish Ki Thumriyaa  (with CD)

    Bandish Ki Thumriyaa (with CD)


    Compiler : Pt. Gangadhar rao Telang ISBN 9788193375846 The book includes paramparik 110 thumris from 26 Ragas. These are Thumris sung in the bandish style, hence named ‘Bandish Ki Thumri” ...

  • Amar Bandishe  (with CD)

    Amar Bandishe (with CD)


    Compiler : Dr. Suhasini Koratkar ISBN 9788193375839 The Book comprises of 129 bandishes from 77 Ragas. These are the original bandishes composed by the Doyen of Bhendi Bazaar Gharana from Mumbai. ...

  • Madhumalati (with CD)

    Madhumalati (with CD)


    Writer-Composer : Pt Madhukar Joshi & Smt. Sucheta Bidkar   The book comprises Bada-Khyal & Chota-Khyaal of Ragas from “Sangeet Alankar” Syllabus of AB Gandharv Mahavidyalaya ...

  • Aadachautaal Bandishe  (with CD)

    Aadachautaal Bandishe (with CD)


    Writer-Composer : Pt. Dinkar Panshikar   It includes 100 bandishes on 97 ragas specially on Taal – ‘AadaChautaal’. The bandishes are sung in the accompanied CD given along with ...

  • Mridgandh



    Author – Kamlakar Ratnakar [Marathi Language] The author (of Mrudgandh) has written various stories about his village memories during his school days along with many special characteristic ...