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  • Kirana Gharana : Parampara Aani Pravah (with CD)

    Kirana Gharana : Parampara Aani Pravah (with CD)


    Writer – Dr. Atindra Sarvadikar [Marathi Language] ISBN : 978 8193 375 815 The book was released on 14th May 2017 in the hands of the legend of the Kirana Gharana ‘Padmabhushan’ Dr. ...

  • Raagmanthan (with CD)

    Raagmanthan (with CD)


    Writer – Dr. Mrs.Vaijayanti Joshi [Hindi Language] This books includes Total Syllabus ragas of AB Gandharv M.Mandal’s SANGEETACHARYA syllabus (2006). ‘Acharya’ Level 100+ Ragas ...

  • AadaChautal Bandishe (with CD)

    AadaChautal Bandishe (with CD)


    Swar-Rachna by : Pt. Dinkar Panshikar [Hindi Language] This book consists 100 bandishes from 97 ragas all in Taal ‘Aadachautal’. All the bandishes are sung in the CD by Pt. Dinkar Panshika ...

  • MadhuMalati (with CD)

    MadhuMalati (with CD)


    Composer : Pt. Madhukar Joshi & Smt. Malati (Smt. Sucheta Bidkar) [Hindi Language] This book consists 122 bandishes (Bada khyal & Chota Khyal) from 52 ragas mostly from ALANKAR Level ABGandhar ...

  • Mridgandh



    Author – Kamlakar Ratnakar [Marathi Language] The author (of Mrudgandh) has written various stories about his village memories during his school days along with many special characteristic ...

  • Ratanjankar Bandishes 3 CD Set

    Ratanjankar Bandishes 3 CD Set


    Sung By : Pt. K.G. Ginde These 3 Cds include all the bandishes sung from the Abhinav GeetManjari books (3 Parts) of Acharya S.N. Ratanjankar of Agra Gharana. Total 514 bandishes are sung in all the ...

  • Indradhanu (Kavyasangrah)

    Indradhanu (Kavyasangrah)


    Poet – Jayant Pathade [Marathi Language] (Kavya Sangrah) Poetries of Shri. Jayant Pathade ...

  • Svatva (Kavyasangrah)

    Svatva (Kavyasangrah)


    Poet – Mrs.Shobha Gangan [Marathi Language] (Kavya Sangrah) Poetries of Mrs. Shobha Gangan (published in this Swatva book) ...

  • Geet Gajanan

    Geet Gajanan


    Poet – Kiran Phatak [Marathi Language] Stories of great saint of Shegaon Shri Gajanan Maharaj (from the sacred pothi) in poetic words. ...

  • Uttarardh (Kavyasangrah)

    Uttarardh (Kavyasangrah)


    Poet – Kiran Phatak [Marathi Language] (Kavya Sangrah) Poetries of Shri. Kiran Phatak ...

  • Ek Trushart  (Kavyasangrah)

    Ek Trushart (Kavyasangrah)


    Poet – Kiran Phatak [Marathi Language] (Kavya Sangrah) Poetries of Shri. Kiran Phatak ...

  • Amche Karve Sir

    Amche Karve Sir


    Author – Shashank Vechlekar [Marathi Language] The author has written the intricate relationship with his guru who had a strong impression in his life. Also he has delivered the enthusiastic l ...

  • Dhrutrashtra Uvach… Ka?

    Dhrutrashtra Uvach… Ka?


    Author – Shri. Krishna Mahadev Tengse [Marathi Language] The Author has thoughtfully explained why Lord Shri Krishna had uttered Bhagwad Geeta with the first shloka with Dhrutrashtra’s ...

  • Katha Eka Abhagyachi

    Katha Eka Abhagyachi


    Author – Shamsundar Narvekar (Atma-Charitratmak katha) [Marathi Language] The real struggling story of the author for his livelihood. ...

  • The Phoenix

    The Phoenix


    Author – Ashok Diwekar (Kadambari – A Novel) [Marathi Language] A storybook in Marathi which shows how a family in Good financial position after losing everything comes forward and how a boy f ...

  • Swanubhavache ShriGurucharitra

    Swanubhavache ShriGurucharitra


    Author – Kiran Phatak [Marathi Language] This book comments on the famous ‘Gurucharitra’ to be read and implimented as per todays lifestyle. ...