Sanskar Prakashan – a publication specially ventured in Indian Classical Music Field, published its first book Shruti Vilas in Year 2000. Based on the overwhelming response that the book recevied, Sanskar Prakashan took many other projects in hand dedicated to Hindustani Classical Music. The main focus of the publication is Music Education.
Mr. Prasad Kulkarni, the founder of Sanskar Prakashan, also believes that there is a strong connection between Hindustani Classical Music and Spirituality. So Sanskar Prakashan has also ventured into publishing Spiritual books as well.
Sanskar Prakashan is out with the mission to integrate Hindustani Classical Music, Spiritualism and Inner Harmony and Peace through the medium of book publishing. For Mr. Prasad Kulkarni, these are just the different facets of the same divine entity.
In absense of Gurukul system of knowlege transfer, Sanskar Prakashan believes that books could fill that void and could prove to be the best medium of knowledge sharing and learning. Each publication of Sanskar Prakashan has the uniqueness of highlighting different subtle aspects of Raaga Sangeet with all its nuances and shades. Each book for Sanskar Prakashan is a medium of expression of deep and unique aspect and concepts of Hindustani Classical Music.
For Sanskar Prakashan, every book is not merely a product for sale. For them it is the invaluable treasure adding immense value in the field of Hindustani Classical Music. Each author with Sanskar Prakashan in his or her own regards are Rishis’ in today’s world and the books are as valuable as scriptures. Hence Sanskar Prakashan is proud to present every book with same enthusiasm and confidence. These books are avaliable in Marathi, Hindi and English languages, also with accompanying CDs in few books related to ‘bandishes’. Many books are published to guide the students according to their music exams syllabus / curriculum.
The translation of few valuable books is in progress. Future plans also include re-publishing of old books / scriptures related to Hindustani Classical Music.