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Boond Boond Bhaav Jharat (Bandish Notations)

Boond Boond Bhaav Jharat (Bandish Notations)

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बूंद बूंद भाव झरत

Composer – Smt. Maya Dharmadhikari
   [Hindi Bandish Notations]

     The writer-composer is a disciple of Guru Pta. Maniktai Bhide. This book was published in the auspicious hands of Guru Maniktai Bhide & Pta. Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande.
     The specialty of the book lies in the inclusion of ’12 Raagmalas’ along with 46 bandishes.
     The Raagmalas include different ragas of the same Thaat, thus giving a different taste to the listener. They are sung by Smt Maya Dharmadhikari herself.
     The Audios of these bandishes will be sent by a link to your Email (Please provide your Email id). (300 Book + 200 Audio link)

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