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Kathak Nritya aur Aarogya Vigyan

Kathak Nritya aur Aarogya Vigyan

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कथक नृत्य और आरोग्य विज्ञान

Writer – Dr. Shubhada Gokhale
   [Hindi language]
ISBN 978-81-94489-71-9

     This book, in HINDI, gives in-depth knowledge about the health benefits of Kathak dance form and how it benefits the physical, mental and spiritual health aspects of a Kathak dancer, thus helping him/her eliminating psychological and emotional stress.
     The writer has aptly explained Kathak dance form’s beneficial aspects relating to Acupressure, Physiotherapy, Aerobics and the latest dance forms of today.
     A must read for a Kathak dance admirer.

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