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Khushbudar Rachnaye (Bandish Notations)

Khushbudar Rachnaye (Bandish Notations)

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खुशबूदार रचनाएँ

Composer – Shri. Satish Kaushik
   [Hindi Bandish Notations]

     This book consists of Pt. Satish Kaushik-ji’s 45 Bandishes with notations on 22 Ragas in this book ‘Khusbudar Rachnaye’. A detailed commentary by Pt. Satyasheel Deshpande on these Bandishes and his contribution as a Guru for Pt. Kaushik-jis composition explains the quality of these compositions. Dr Ruchira Kedar, a vocalist, has helped in writing down the notations of these bandishes.
     Few bandishes are sung by the leading artists Smt Ruchira Kedar and Shri Ramakant Gaikwad. The Audios of these bandishes will be sent by a link to your Email (Please provide your Email id). (150 Book + 200 Audio link)

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