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Kirana Gharane - Parampara ani Pravah

Kirana Gharane - Parampara ani Pravah

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किराणा घराणे : परंपरा आणि प्रवाह

Writer – Dr. Atindra Sarvadikar
   [Marathi language]
ISBN 978-81-93375-82-2

     The book is the outcome of the detailed doctorate study 'on Kirana Gharana' done by Dr. Atindra Sarvadikar under the guidance of Pandita Prabha Atre.
     The book comprises detailed information about Kirana Gharane, its origin and the great stalwarts of this gharana.
     It also describes the various characteristics of each gharana style and the guru-shishya nomenclature of all the gharanas.

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