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Kumar Gandharv - Ek Srujan-yatra

Kumar Gandharv - Ek Srujan-yatra

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कुमार गंधर्व - एक सृजनयात्रा

Writer – Smt. Shilpa Bahulekar
   [Marathi language]
ISBN 978-81-93970-28-7

     Pt Kumar Gandharva was the legendary artist with his own style of rendition. The book gives detailed information from his childhood learning till his owns views on Indian Classical music. It gives information about his childhood gurus and other gurus; his upcoming as an artist in young age; his efforts in presenting various experimental programs; he as a ‘Gayak’ and ‘Nayak’ explaining about his creativity in bandish and new Raaga’s that he created; his personality and specialities as a musician and as a ‘guru’; and all that has made him a different personality and a singer in Hindustani Classical music.

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