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Layamanjiri (Kathak Exams Theory)

Layamanjiri (Kathak Exams Theory)

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Author – ‘Nrityalankar’ Mrs. Vrushali Dabke
   [Marathi Language] (It covers 2006 syllabus KATHAK-THEORY topics)

     The book includes theory and practical topics of A.B. Gandharva’s KATHAK dance syllabus acco. to 2013 syllabus from ‘Sangeet Parichay’ to ‘Madhyama poorna’ exams.
     The last part of this book includes Jeevanis of 100 renowned Gayan-Vadan-Dance artists which are recommended in the Kathak syllabus till the ‘Alankar exams’, which are also of importance to all the students of Gayan-Vadan also.
     The Studio recorded Audio-CD includes Tatkaar, Krama-laya, Chalan, Chakradaars, various Vandanas, & Layakari of diff. Taals, Kajari, Bhajans of Meerabai & Tukdoji Maharaj.

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