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Music Scale Disc (Paper) (Scale Notes-Finder)

Music Scale Disc (Paper) (Scale Notes-Finder)

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म्युझिक स्केल डिस्क

Music Scale Disk  (Paper product)

Concept by - Shri. Sanjay Kajbaje

     It is a disc made of PAPER, 2 discs moving over each other at the center, which gives KeyNotes-information about all the 12 scales in music. Like, if you select Kali-1 (C-Sharp) as your scale note (in the given box) then the disc will show on which key all the other 11 notes will play.
     It is a study made simpler to students as well as Music-arrangers who can easily find out which note will play on which key 'for a particular scale'.
     This is a paper-made product and has to be handled carefully.

(An Acrylic-product disc is also made for life-time use.)

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