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Prachalit Raag

Prachalit Raag

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प्रचलित राग

Compilation by – Prasad Kulkarni
   [Hindi Language]
ISBN 978-81-93375-81-5
     Its a 'Classical + Semi-classical' combination book. It contains the study material for all prachalit 43 Ragas included in the 2006 curriculum of ‘Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal’ upto ‘Visharad’ level. Each Raga is introduced with its basics, its specialty, and a ‘Bandish’ with notations.
     Based on that Raaga Hindi-Marathi film songs, Marathi Natyageet-Bhavgeet and Classical compositions (bandish) are given.
     Book also includes topics like 1) the ‘10 Thaats’ with their scale, 2) different ‘Taals’ with a famous song on that Taal, 3) permutations of major scales for practice (Shuddha Swar Alankars), 4) a table based on notes relating to Indian and Western Classical style of notes, 5) introduction to ‘Gharanas’, 6) Table of classification of Ragas (Raag-Samaychakra), 7) various dance forms of India with Images, 8) Harmonium instrument's history as well as its playing technique and caretaking points are also given along with images.
     9) Plus, list of 114 film music directors and master vocalists and instrumentalists etc. is also provided. 11) Leading 10 music directors information with their famous film songs is also given. 12) Jana Gana Mana, VandeMataram & few Bhajan & Gazal Notations is also given at the end.

     Useful for all Hindi-Marathi readers.

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