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Raag Manjusha (Music Exam - Bandish Notations)

Raag Manjusha (Music Exam - Bandish Notations)

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राग मंजुषा

Translated / Written by – Dr. Chandana Mitra
   [Hindi language]
ISBN 978-81-94315-99-5

     The Book comprises of information about BASIC Ragas and various bandish notations on these ragas, with alaap-taan. On every Raga Sargam Geet, Lakshan Geet, Bada Khyal, Chota Khyal, Dhrupad, Dhamar are given with notations. It also provides basic alankar patterns for students of music.
     This book is a hindi version of famous old Bengali book which was written by Shri.Yogesh Bandopadhyay.

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