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Raag Rang (Bandish Notations)

Raag Rang (Bandish Notations)

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राग रंग

Composed by – Pt. Dinkar Kaykini
   [Hindi Bandish Notations]
ISBN 978-81-94315-98-8

     This NEW 2nd Edition Book comprises notations of 144 bandishes from 78 Ragas (out of which 10 are bhajan, dadra and other Upashastriya forms). All these bandishes are sung by leading vocalists and disciples of this gharana.
     The book also includes detailed information on 6 New Ragas created by Kaykini-ji, a great composer and singer of Agra Gharana, with its bandish and notations. The 6 NEW Ragas are Khemdhvani, Gagan Vihang, Gunranjani, Bayati, Bhupavali, Salag Bhairavi. Detailed information of these ragas is also given along with the bandish notations.
     The bandishes (in the CD) are sung by Pt. Dinkar Kaykini, Smt. Aditi Kaykini-Upadhya, Pt. Yogesh Samsi and Smt. Priya Purushothaman and few others.
     The Audios of these bandishes will be sent by a link to your Email (Please provide your Email id). (500 Book + 200 Audio link)

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