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RaagManthan (Acharya Level Raga information)

RaagManthan (Acharya Level Raga information)

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रागमंथन  (संगीताचार्य राग परिचय)

Writer – Dr. Vaijayanti Joshi
   [Hindi language]

     The book is specially designed for music students for ABGMM's “Sangeet-Acharya” level.
     It includes comprehensive and analytical study of almost 135 ragas. The comparative study is mentioned in the book.
     The Notations are in Devnagari lipi, so all Hindi-Marathi readers can make use of this book for study.
     Audios of Alaapi and the format of the raga is available. It will be sent through a link on your Email id.  (350 Book + 200 Audio link)

Sample Audios
1) Audio Track 007
2) Audio Track 022
3) Audio Track 037
4) Audio Track 072
5) Audio Track 126

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