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Saad Suranchi Saath Anantachi

Saad Suranchi Saath Anantachi

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साद सुरांची साथ अनंताची

Writer – Shri. Sadashiv Bakre
   [Marathi language]
ISBN 978-81-93375-88-4

     The book reveals many unknown stories, facts and musical events which are told by Pt. Anant Kemkar, an octogenarian, leading musician and harmonium artist. He has mastery on Solo harmonium & has accompanied many stalwarts of Indian Classical music.
     His first guru was Kirana Gharana Doyen Pt. Sureshbabu Mane and then after the legendary harmonium legend Pt. P. Madhukar, from whom he has learned for many years.
     Pt. Kemkar, a great harmonium player and accompanist, has unfolded his old memories and has given many tips to the upcoming harmonium players.

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