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Sangeet Shikshan ani Vyaktimatva Vikas

Sangeet Shikshan ani Vyaktimatva Vikas

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संगीत शिक्षण आणि व्यक्तिमत्व विकास

Author - Dr Shyamala Karkhanis
   [Marathi language]
ISBN 978-93-91645-26-7

     The writer has explained the beauty and aesthetic aspects of music by which a creation is made. Music art, as the highest and purest form of art, has great power in creating divinity. She has also relatively explained how the study of music should go in progress, hand in hand, with the evolution of the disciple's mind in respect to his spiritual, ethical, mental and social binding.
     Finally she has explained/proved that the aim of education to a person is attained, by the systematic approach through study of music art.

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