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Shruti Vilas (372 Raga)

Shruti Vilas (372 Raga)

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श्रुति विलास  (३७२ राग)

Author – Pt. Shankar Vishnu Kashikar
   [Hindi Language]
ISBN 978-81-93375-80-8

     This ‘HardBound’ book consists compilation of the 372 Ragas. Each Raga is explained with its specialities, ‘Jati’, ‘Vadi’, ‘Samvadi’, ‘Gaan Samay’, ‘Aaroha’, ‘Avaroh’, ‘Pakad’, ‘Chalan’, ‘Swaravistar’ and also one ‘Bandish’ with its notation.
     The book has the commentary by world acclaimed Indian Classical Vocalist Bharatratna Pt.Bhimsen Joshi in his own handwriting.
     The 372 Indian Classical Raags are also indexed with classification based on ‘Jati’, ‘Vadi’, ‘Samvadi’ and ‘Gaan Samay’ for an easy reference guide to the research students and readers.
     The Notations are in Devnagari lipi, so all Hindi-Marathi readers can make use of this book for study.

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