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Systematic Analysis of Ragas in Hindustani Classical Music

Systematic Analysis of Ragas in Hindustani Classical Music

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Systematic Analysis of Ragas in Hindustani Classical Music

Author - Shirish Shah (Sitarist)
   [English language]
ISBN 978-93-91645-20-5

A4 size HardBound presentable book... with Art paper four color printing.

     In this book, the writer Mr. Shirish Shah, has not gone into details of Ragas. Rather, he has tried to explain it through a different roadmap for Raagas, which in his view, can give a better understanding of Ragas and to remember the entricacies of it.
     This Book contains : Presentation of a Raga method for remembering Ragas and their scales in various ways using the Notes of a Raga and what makes a Raga differ from another.
     Classification of Ragas - Identified into twenty seven Principal Ragas. Explained the ways in which one Raga has a different fragrance from another - by notes, combination of notes, emphasis on notes, rules to apply for using the notes, time, speed, season and mood. "Mind Maps" are used as graphical presentations of the Main Scales and 128 Ragas. An Analogy between People and Ragas is used to remember different Ragas using different systems.
Listed few common "Taals" and their "Bols" for ready reference. Method for presenting Alaap and Jod along with methods for creating Taan varieties are shown.
his book will especially contribute to the knowledge of beginners and upcoming musicians of Indian Classical music.

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